FY2015 Panasonic Healthcare Holdings Co., Ltd. Matsuyama Branch

FY2015 : From 1. April 2015 to 31. March 2016

Main activities in FY2015

Target Result
CO2 Emissions under 5,643.7t for preventing global warming Result is 5,375t. It achieves the target by replacing vacuum pump and so on.
Checking the working place using chemical substances for factories According to the planned schedule, confirming the working place and improving was done by decided checking list.
Participating in local environmental activities Ai(Love)-river-support cleaning activity (once a year)was done.

Aiming to reduction of environmental impact

Energy saving activity

Energy saving activity

Introducing LED in dressing room

  • *dressing room for men     : 20W x 46 pcs.
  • *dressing room for women : 40W x 38 pcs.
  • *parking area                   : 20W x  4 pcs.
  • *smoking area                  : 20W x  2 pcs.
  • annual reduction amount : 1.1 t-CO2

From fluorescent light to LED : 55% reduction

Environmental Communication

Planting activity at the upper stream of Ishite-River

  It was suspended in 2015, but, annually as an environmental volunteer of corporate citizen activity, we joined the Planting activity at the upper stream of Ishite-River, it was took place by labor and management.

  The purpose is to raise water holding capacity of mountains and forests at the upper stream of Ishite-River, that is the important source of water supply.

Ai(love)-river-support cleaning activity

  Joining the Ai(love)-river-support system, cleaning activities for Shigenobu-River, near Matsuyama factory, are being done, as an activity for protecting the environment in the area of our life by ourselves. Our 69 members collected the waste and cut the grass in the east-side riverbeds of Shigenobu-River.

   date : 15. July 2015

Emergency preparedness and response

Way of thinking and training program

Doing environmental impact assessment every year, evaluating and specifying using chemical substances or facilities, periodical simulator training is being done once a year for preparing for emergency.
And through this training, studying is done whether it needs to review the procedure, preventing or decreasing countermeasures (facilities or equipment).

The contents of the Training

One of Assumed Emergency : outflow by breakage of packing in transporting of waste liquid

  • 1)  Assuming outflow of waste liquid by fall and breakage of packing in waste service company's transporting
  • 2)  Preventing spread of outflow at broken drum.
  • 3)  Preventing spread of waste liquid by using guard fence in the standing storage box.
  • 4)  Collecting the flowed liquid by using standing water sheet in the protective barrier.
  • 5)  Collecting all the flowed liquid and wringing out used water sheet into the drum for only collecting.
  • 6)  Outsourcing the disposal of used water sheet and guard fence with collected waste liquid.
  • 7)  Confirming whether it flowed out to the surroundings or not. (rain water ditch and water gate)
  • 8)  Requesting the waste service company to disposal waste liquid and exchange the broken drum, and preventing to use them.
  • 9)  Reporting the series of correspondence to the department manager, based on the standard for Emergency preparedness and response (MKEG-ES-021).
  • 10)  Communicating in case of emergency, based on the Route for Emergency.
  • 11)  Studying there is a problem and improvement or not, confirming the procedure and noticing thoroughly.

Matsuyama Branch Energy use amount

Energy use amount

Matsuyama Branch CO2 Emissions

CO2 Emissions

Matsuyama Branch Waste & Valuable amount

Waste & Valuable amount