Ultra Low Freezers



Efficient and maximum samples storage

MDF-DU900V features Panasonic’s advanced VIP PLUS insulation panels, which optimize interior volume within the smallest footprint possible to ensure the most efficient use of space. VIP PLUS technology incorporates a revolutionary vacuum insulation cabinet construction that reduces wall thickness by approximately one half. 

Maximum Sample Storage

The use of space saving VIP PLUS panels within the freezer cabinet allows a capacity of up to 672 2” boxes inside a footprint of just 1m2 for maximum storage. The freezer’s conventional depth allows for easy installation.


High Capacity Sample Storage Dependable Preservation Ideal for high volume and long term sample storage in biobanks and biorepositories.

Reliable Panasonic Technologies

The compressors that are specifically designed for ultra-low temperature applications are employed in the proven Panasonic cascade refrigeration system ensuring the highest levels of performance and reliability.


Quality of design and manufacture ensures trusted and reliable storage that maintains the integrity of precious samples.

Touch Panel

Managed and monitored by an integrated microprocessor controller with a comprehensive alarm system and self-diagnostic functions. Freezer temperature and important status information are clearly displayed and logged, with the possibility to export the data to USB.

Allows full user control, even with gloved hands, while the USB port makes convenient transferring of logged data to a PC. All performance attributes are displayed and internal temperature log is expressed in graphical form over time. Security key lock limits panel operation.


Data log

Internal temperature log is expressed in graphical form over time and USB port makes convenient transferring of logged data to a PC



Key Lock can be set with pass words

Vacuum release port

The vacuum release port allows smooth door openings. The door seal is tightened by a negative pressure generated from the temperature difference between inside the chamber and the ambient environment.

*If the port is kept open, the air intake hole get frozen and clogged, and will not allow the door to open smoothly. We recommend to keep it closed unless it is neccessory.
EZlatch EZ latch*

Tightly seals the door, and allows you to open the door with just one hand, with minimum force by allowing the latch to open it on its own using the law of leverage.

*Tested for durability by applying negative pressure – tested over 150,000 times and by drop and impact – tested over 5,000 times
Clip-on grill slide type filter

The condenser filter is situated at the bottom right corner of the front panel to allow easier removal and cleaning.


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External Dimensions 1150 x 870 x 1990 (mm)
Internal Dimensions 1010 x 600 x 1400 (mm)
Effective Capacity 845 liters
Exterior Cabinet Painted steel
Internal Cabinet Stainless Steel
Doors 4, glass window [2]
Shelves 3 [Ref] / 2 [Frz]
Access Ports 2
Net Weight 372 kg
Compressor 2 x 1100 (W)
Evaporator -
Condenser -
Refrigerant HFC
Temperature Control Range - 50 ℃ to - 86 ℃
Temperature Display LCD Touch Screen
Alarms -
Accessories -
  • 1) Exterior dimensions of main cabinet only, excluding handle and other external projections
  • 2) Air temperature measured at freezer centre, ambient temperature +30ºC, no load
  • 3) Nominal value - Background noise 20dB[A]
  • 4) Only for MTR-5000 (data acquisition system) users.
  • Caution: Panasonic guarantees the product under certain warranty conditions.
    Panasonic in no way shall be responsible for any loss of content or damage to content.


MDF-DU900V Price Upon Inquiry. Please contact your local dealers.


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