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Effective capacity
Cooling Performance


Ultra-low temperature storage solution for valuable samples. TwinGuard equipped with new Dual Cooling System.
New TwinGuard adopts optimized Dual Cooling System and new cabinet design with enhanced insulation performance and storage capacity. Superior cooling performance focused on reliability and safety suitable even for mass sample storage like biobank use.

Ultimate Sample Protection

Secure storage with new optimised dual cooling system

New optimized Dual Cooling System”TwinGuard” comprised of independent dual cooling circuits realises -86˚C and one side of the cooling circuits maintains chamber temperature at -70˚C. The freezer can minimise risk of compromising valuable samples.

Intelligent ECO mode operation

“ECO mode” is an industry first feature. The two compressors, A and B, are independently controlled to optimise operation efficiently to minimise energy consumption by monitoring freezer load status.

*Ambient temperature at 30˚C (-80˚C) *ECO mode’s wave doesn’t settle into pattern. It draws various pattern depends on SV, AT, and usage condition. *The data is a measured example (AT23˚C, 230V/ 50Hz, no load.) Actual power consumption will vary depending on set and ambient conditions loading and local voltage

ECO operation and energy saving

Improved insulating performance cuts power consumption approximately 22%*2 compared to conventional models when the ECO mode is selected, thanks to the effective combination of VIP Plus insulation and the next-generation cabinet.

* Power consumption per 2 inch box. Power source: 230V 50Hz, AT 23°C
*2 Compared to conventional models. Power consumption per 2 inch box. Power source: 230V 50Hz, AT 23°C


Efficient Sample Storage

Maximised internal space

New cabinet design combines an insulated outer door with superior storage efficiency and an inner door designed for uniform temperature distribution. This improves storage efficiency approximately 10% (384 pcs 2-inch Cryo boxes can be stored in the MDF-DU502VX) while maintaining the same footprint as conventional models.

*3 Usable storage capacity of 2" boxes when the original 3 trays installed.

Flexible shelf layout

The inner space offers flexible storage, allowing either three or four shelves*4 and chamber bottom to be used. Also, an inner door with four or five small doors (optional) is available.

*4 Three shelves equipped as standard. Installation of small inner door kit may effect usable storage capacity.

Approximately 110mm*5 installation width can be reduced when installing 3 units in line compared to conventional units.

The "Chamfer-design" body front features a chamfered edge for reduced installation space when compared to conventional models in a multiple unit installation. The design is especially suitable for a biobank or similar application.

*5 Comparison of MDF-DU502VX and the conventional MDF-U700VX product.
Comparison condition: Minimum width required when installing 3 units in line. This prevents outer doors from contacting each other for door openings/closings.


Intelligent Interface

Enhanced use

The newly developed ergonomic "EZlatch" door handle makes access to stored samples even easier. Intuitive and intelligible large colour LCD touchpanel is provided.

Reliable controllability and data log function

Large colour LCD touchpanel is accurately controlled even with a gloved hand, while the USB port makes transferring logged data of product's operational status to a PC convenient.

User friendly for daily operation with newly developed vacuum release port and fivefold gasket

Newly developed automatic vacuum release port and fivefold gasket are adopted. Automatic release of negative pressure and reduced frost realize user friendliness even for frequent door opening.


Product Photos


Model MDF-DU502VX
External Dimensions 790(W) x 882(D) x 1993(H) mm
Internal Dimensions 630(W) x 600(D) x 1400(H) mm
Effective Capacity 528 liters
Exterior Cabinet Painted Steel
Internal Cabinet Painted Steel
Doors 1
Inner Doors 2
Insulation PUF / VIP PLUS
Shelves 3 (stainless steel)
Access Ports 3 (rear x 1, bottom, x 2)
Casters 4 (2 leveling feet)
Net Weight 285 kg
Compressor 2 x 1100
Evaporator Tube on sheet type
Condenser Finless tube type
Refrigerant HFC mixed
Temperature Display LCD Touchpanel
Temperature Control Range -50 to 86 ℃
Alarms Power failure, High temperature, Low temperature, Door open, Refrigeration circuit abnormal alarm etc.
Sensor Pt-1000
Accessories -
Backup kits MDF-UB7-PW

*Exterior dimensions of main cabinet only, excluding handle and other external projections.
*Air temperature measured at freezer centre, ambient temperature +30°C, no load.
*Caution: Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd. guarantees this product under certain warranty conditions. However, please note that Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd. shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to the contents of the product.


MDF-DU502VX Price Upon Inquiry. Please contact your local dealers.


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