CO2 Incubators


Effective capacity
Temperature range
+5 above ambient to 50℃


Dry heat sterilisation (11-hour cycle with peak temperature of 180℃)

Stackable (2 units) and functions without interference

Equipped with dual heaters - 5A for low energy consuming incubation and 8A for sterilisation. The new “melamine form” insulation enable it to operate with minimal heat leakage and low energy power requirements.

Removal of interior parts is not necessary

Realizes dry heat sterilisation of 180°C with an 11-hour through quick increase in chamber temperature and temperature uniformity.

Removal of interior parts is not necessary before sterilisation. Adjustment of temperature and CO2 level settings is not necessary after sterilisation, so incubation can be restarted without interuption.


Reduced cleaning time and increased capacity with integrated tray catches

The new designed with integrated tray catches reduces interior components by 80% and proves operability by significantly reducing cleaning time to switch to incubation opens up more space for trays, so the incubator can accommodate more culture containers.

Comparison with other models

Comparison with other models

LCD Touch Control Panel


WVGA Color LCD touch control panel delivers full control over different protocols. Equipped with a resistive touch screen, and a standard USB port that makes log data transfer to PCs more convenient.

■Security function

  • Auto-Lock:  Automatic electric door lock.

  • User-ID: User IDs for preventing tampering  (able to register up to 99 users).

  • Key Lock:  Master key is designated to only one user.  Restricts operation of the control panel to this user.


■USB port

Records log data in 2-minute intervals up to 1.5 months.  Automatically logs chamber temperature, CO2 density, door openings / closings, alarm, CSV file output.


Product Photos


Model MCO-170AICD
External Dimensions 620 x 755 x 905 (mm)
Interior Dimensions 490 x 523 x 665 mm
Interior Volume 165 litres
Net Weight 79kg (MCO-170AICD/L) / 80kg (MCO-170AICUVD/L)
Tempearture Control Range AT +5 ~ +50, ±0.1 °C
Tempearture Uniformity ±0.25 °C
CO2 Control Range and Deviation 0 ~ 20, ±0.15 %
Heating Method Heater jacket
Outer Door 1
Inner Door 1
Shelves 4 x Stainless Steel Copper-Enriched Alloy


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