Message from the President

Hidehito Kotani

Ever since its foundation, Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd. has aimed to develop products and services that bring joy to its customers with an emphasis on quality first, and promoted a range of business activities designed to bring healthier lifestyles to more people around the world.

As the global population ages and medical technology advances, medical cost reduction and quality-of-life improvement are being pursued at the same time.

To address these issues, we are focusing on three key themes for our businesses: 'linking diagnosis and treatment', 'utilizing medical information' and 'supporting drug research and development'.

We will help to link diagnosis and treatment by bringing together technologies, including biotechnologies and mechatronics, to promote miniaturization and to expedite diagnosis for in-vitro diagnostic devices for patients suffering from diabetes or other diseases.

For utilization of medical information, we will use medical IT such as Computer-based Patient's Record System for Clinic and Computer-based Medication History System for Health Insurance Pharmacy, to help improve medical quality and promote more effective utilization of lifelong personal health information.

In order to support drug research and development, we will present total solutions covering everything from device sales to operational and administrational support in fields such as preservation, incubation, and experiment systems; as well as in the growing cell therapy field.

Panasonic Healthcare provides solutions for personalized healthcare through these approaches.
We are determined to meet your every expectation.

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Technical Officer
Panasonic Healthcare Co. Ltd.

Hidehito Kotani