FY2016 Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd. Wakimachi branch

FY2016 : From 1. April 2016 to 31. March 2017

Main activities in FY2016

Target Result
CO2 Emissions, from production, under 3,089t Result is 2,980t. It achieves the target by replacement of air conditioning unit and so on.
Promoting active reduction activities for resources conserving Each section did the activities for resources conserving over 1 item.
Participating in local environmental activities Clean-up activity at Adopt-Yoshino River(3 times/year), around the factory(5 times/year), 530(Gomi<It means waste>-zero) campaign(once/year) were done.

Aiming to reduction of environmental impact

Energy saving activity

Energy saving activity


Replacing dryer to the high efficiency one

  *power  5.1kW ---> 1.8kW

【Reduction amount】

Reduction of power

     ------ 28.5 thousand kWh/year

Reduction of CO2 Emissions

     ------ 11.7 CO2t/year

Environmental Communication

Clean-up activity at Adopt-Yoshino River

Adopt-Yoshino River is a voluntary work. Regarding uniformly space as a child, local companies or inhabitants become a foster parent and adopt. And do clean-up activities at the reverbed adopted.
Wakimcahi joined in 2000. And it was done 3 times in FY2016.
The date of implementation : 3. July, 15. October 2016,  18. March 2017

530(Gomi-zero) campaign

As part of local environmental activities, environmental protection activities, 530(Gomi-zero), cosponsored by capital and labor, was done. The employee and their family joined, separate to 2 team and did garbage collection around the road of Wakimachi branch.
The date of implementation : 28. May 2016

Emergency preparedness and response

Way of thinking and training program

As for the waste liquid, environmental burden to the environment is high, the procedure re, for training of Emergency preparedness and response is made. And periodical simulator training, based on the operation standard, is being done once a year, by the employee who attend related works.

The contents of the Training

Assumed Emergency : outflow by breakage of packing in transporting

  • Training of using sandbag , shutting ditch or final overflow
  • Confirming the contact network from the beginning(discover)to the end(settle)
  • Becoming to be well aware of the procedure

Wakimachi branch Energ use amount

Energy use amount

Wakimachi branch CO2 emissions

CO2 Emissions

Wakimachi branch Waste & Valuable amount

Waste & Valuable amount