PT. Panasonic Healthcare Indonesia

FY2015 :April 1, 2015 - March 31, 2016

Main activities in FY2015

Target Result
To reduce energy consumption (converted to CO2 emission) as much as 3.5% of FY 2014 emission Reduced 5.4%
To reduce industrial water consumption per production amount by 20 % compared to fiscal year 2014 Reduced 31.5%
To promote composting activity of canteen waste as much as 15% of canteen waste quantity 17% canteen waste treated as compos 
To ensure 100 % compliance on environmental legal and other requirement by March 2016 All applicable regulations are complied (100%)

Environmental Policy


PT Panasonic Healthcare Indonesia (PHCI) promotes environmental protection activities in order to achieve continual harmony between environmental protection activities and business management, in compliance with the standard environmental management policies of Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd.

All the employees at PHCI are requested to understand the importance of environmental protection activities and to commit to the promotion of the activities, in order to ensure a beautiful earth environment for future generations.


PHCI recognizes its corporate responsibility for protecting and contributing to the improvement of the earth's environment, and is committed to the promotion of environmental protection in compliance with the standards environmental policy of Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd.

"Let us commit ourselves to the promotion of environmental protection through prevention of pollution,
regulatory compliance, and the continuous improvement of our environmental and business practices!

We shall continually strive to minimize the environmental effects of our products, processes, and services; conserve our use of natural resources; and encourage our employees’ understanding of their environmental responsibilities. To achieve these goals, we shall:

  • ・ establish an environmental management system (EMS) that complies with ISO 14001:2004;
  • ・ achieve and maintain international recognition of our EMS through independent certification;
  • ・ ensure that our EMS remains appropriate for the environmental effects of our products, processes, and services;
  • ・ voluntarily comply with all applicable legal requirements and other requirements, as well as other specific codes and practices that may be required

by corporate management;
・ seek to continually improve our environmental management practices, and to prevent the environmental pollution that may be attributable to our processes,

products, or services;

  • ・establish and periodically review appropriate environmental objectives and targets as part of our overall business planning activities; and
  • ・meet or exceed our annual environmental targets through the implementation of our Environmental Management Manual (EMM) and its supporting

environmental standards.

This policy statement shall be provided to all persons working for or on behalf of PHCI and made available to interested parties or the public.

Aiming to reduction of environmental impact

Canteen waste become environmental aspect that need to be considered since the quantity is big and no appropriate treatment that be applied. Such waste is just disposed of.
In order to reduce environmental impact we promote activity to treat canteen waste become compos.  This activity will reduce quantity of canteen waste that be disposed of to landfill. Moreover it will generate fertilizer for our plants as well.
Step of composting process

Reductuon  of  enegy usage

Environmental Communication

Reporting environmental performance data

Reporting environmental performance data image

Communication to external party is done by reporting our environmental performance data to regulatory agency. It is a part of regulatory compliance activity and to be done twice a year.

The report consist data of air emission quality, waste water quality, noise level, industrial waste quantity, and management system of such parameter.

Emergency preparedness and response

About our concept and training plan

Emergency preparedness and response plan is updated annually. It includes improvement of facility and increasing employee awareness toward emergency response procedure by performing periodically training and procedure simulation as well. Evacuation simulation also done for night shift employee.

Fire drill & spill response training

Fire drill image

Fire drill image

Evacuation simulation

Evacuation simulation image

Evacuation simulation image

Evacuation simulation image

Energy consumption (PHCI)

Energy consumption (PHCI)

CO2 Emission (PHCI)

CO2 Emission (PHCI)

Waste (PHCI)

Waste (PHCI)