FY2016 Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd. Gunma branch

FY2016 : From 1. April 2016 to 31. March 2017

Main activities in FY2016

Target Result
CO2 Emissions is under 3,296t and basic unit of production is under 27.2 t-CO2/hundred million yen,  for preventing global warming Result of CO2 Emissions is 3,523t, so it was unachieved, but that of basic unit of production is 26.0, so it was achieved.
Recycling rate of waste and valuables is over 99.9% Result is 100%. It achieves the target by separating waste thoroughly. And the survey of waste disposal site was done.
Promoting local environmental activities Participating in periodical clean‐up campaign around the factory.

Aiming to reduction of environmental impact

Energy saving activity

Reduction of energy cost by replacing power receiving equipment

  Improvement power loss by replacing power receiving equipment of energy saving type

【power reduction amount】
  25.5 t-CO2/year

Environmental Communication

Clean-up campaign around the factory

Considering the life of the people around the factory, periodical clean‐up around the factory is done by us.

The date of implementation : 25. April,  25. May,  24. Jun.,  25. Jul,  25. Aug.,  4. Oct.,  25. Nov. 2016,  25. Jan. 2017

Emergency preparedness and response

Way of thinking and training program

As for the facilities, specified by environmental impact assessment, periodical simulator training is being done, based on the operation procedures. 

And through this training, restudying whether the standard is need to be amend or not is done.

Test of emergency response procedure "Leakage of original solution"

  • 1) Assuming the leakage of polyol from sending pipe at checking
  • 2) Cutting the power supply of control panel off
  • 3) Shutting emergency cut-off valve for supply pipe
  • 4) Confirming the point of leakage
  • 5) Transmitting the fact by reporting route
  • 6) Confirming countermeasures for the point of leakage
  • 7) Confirming effectiveness of procedures

Gunma branch Energy use amont

Energy use amount

Gunma branch CO2 Emissions

CO2 Emissions

Gunma branch Waste & Valuable amont

Waste & Valuable amount