Environmental Activities

Basic Policy

Panasonic Healthcare recognizes that the environmental activities is one of business challenges, defines the Environmental Policy and promotes activities, aiming to establish both environment and business, upon the Policy.

Environmental Policy

In the process of contribution to the well being of society by creating new value propositions for all the people who wish for better health, expressed in our new mission, environmental activities is one of the fundamental principles.
And based on our new value, “Our teams are committed to build credibility as a corporate citizen that believes in excellence across all that we do”, we recognize that doing the environmental activities is our responsibility, as a company, expanding the business in the society.
Recognizing the above, we use energy or resources effectively for our business, products and service, and promote environmental management, harmonizing with the earth.
And this policy is communicated to all our organization and the affiliated company, not only Japan but overseas.

1. Compliance with legal and other requirements

We comply with applied laws, regulations and requirements in the countries, related with us.
And we take into account the requests from stockholders, customers, local societies and so on, and we set voluntary standard and keep it.

2. Environmental activities and prevention of pollution

Measurement for global warming, effective utilization of resources, prevention of pollution by chemical substances and consideration for ecosystem, these are to be recognized as a company’s duty, and we do the following items.

  • Using energy effectively in the business
  • As for our products, doing environment-conscious design (effective use of resources, non-use of environmentally hazardous substances, and so on)
  • In the manufacturing divisions, promoting of prevention of pollution and reduction of risk, for chemical substances, waste and soil & underground water
  • In the social activities, aiming for as a better corporate citizen, and joining the local events actively

3. Continual improvement of environmental management system

In the manufacturing divisions, connecting with the business, we put into practice our environmental management system effectively, and do the continual improvement of environmental performance.

4. Raising of environmental awareness

Aiming that our teams become to put the environmental activities into practice independently, we raise our environmental knowledge and awareness.

1. Jun. 2016
Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd.
President Hidehito Kotani