Business Area

Panasonic Healthcare
We provide solutions for personalized healthcare.

Linking diagnosis and treatment

We aim to realize the best possible healthcare solutions and to improve preventative medicine for every individual in need, through supplying diagnostic and medical equipment based on advanced technologies to suit the medical needs and through enhancing the link between diagnosis and treatment with the fusion of electronics, biotechnologies, and various other technologies.

Utilizing medical information

With a globally aging population and an increase in lifestyle-related diseases, the need for medical services is ever increasing.
We are working to further improve the quality of medicine and to promote the regional healthcare collaboration through the more effective utilization of patients’ individual medical information by presenting ideas for more efficient solutions using medical IT, hospital automation, and other such innovations.

Supporting drug research and development

Since we introduced the first pharmaceutical refrigerator in Japan in 1966, as the premier manufacturer and market leader of precision biomedical and laboratory equipment, we have contributed to the development of life science and medical fields by supplying a wide range of products from general purpose equipment that are indispensable in the medical field to pharmacy systems. Furthermore, in the emerging cell therapy field of regenerative medicine, we have pioneered the development of CPC (Cell Processing Center) and CPWS (Cell Processing Work Station) with extensive support services from consultation to proposing customized solutions.