Laboratory Autoclaves


Effective capacity


Compact Design Doesn't Take Up Space. Voice Guidance Function for Increased Safety.

Large-mouth 370mm-diameter chamber capacity with small installation space.
Surprisingly large chamber

Despite the compact outer dimensions of these autoclaves, they store 8 (MLS-3751/ 3751L) or 12 (MLS-3781/3781L) 1,000ml flasks. The MLS-3751/3751L has two baskets, and the larger MLS-3781/3781L has three.

Compact design, swing-up lid for easy access

Both Panasonic models can be easily installed in minimal space. A swing-up lid provides effortless access for loading and unloading test tubes, flasks and lab instruments.

Voice Guidance Function Increases Safety to Prevent Operating Mistakes and Increase Carefulness.

Standard mode

For safe use of the product, precautions and operating instructions are given by voice guidance.

Warning mode

If a safety device is activated during use and the product stops operation, the voice guidance will inform users of verification/inspection items. In addition, messages urging periodic maintenance are also provided.

Newly Designed Handle Lets Users Open and Close the Lid Easily with One Hand.

The conventional slide handle has been completely redesigned to develop a hand-pull system that enables easy opening/closing by gripping with one hand. In addition, the cover is equipped with a scalding prevention guard to prevent scalding due to steam.

Plus a Wealth of Other Important Features

Standard mode

Functions for user safety and cooling fan/exhaust level adjustment to reduce cooling time.
Conforming to the requirements of IEC standards, when using sterilizing liquid the temperature when opening the cover is set to 65°C or less.
In addition, by adding exhaust holes at several positions on the side of the product and positioning the standardequipment cooling fan under the chamber, cooing efficiency and sterilizing efficiency are increased, so that operating time can be reduced. Furthermore, a constant open/close interval (with 5-step adjustment) for the exhaust process valve enables selection of the exhaust rate for steam inside the chamber to enable cooling in a shorter time while reducing exhaust time and preventing boiling over of sterilizing liquid.

Thermal printer (optional)

The work conditions shown on the control panel (temperature/pressure inside chamber, sterilizing course, time) can be printed out by a line thermal dot printer for record-keeping, management, and storage.

Microprocessor temperature control

Sterilizing temperature is controlled to within +2°C/-0°C of the set temperature in the range of 115°C to 135°C.

Air vent control

Can be set to allow automatic release after sterilizing is completed.

  • Compact design, swing-up door for easy access
  • Surprisingly large chamber
  • Alarm & safety devices
  • Micorprocessor temperature control
  • Innovative voice guidance function

Product Photos


Model MLS-3751/3751L
External Dimensions 478 x 632 x 748 (mm) / 18.8 x 24.9 x 29.4 (inch)
Effective Capacity 50 liters (1.8 cu.ft.)
Chamber Dimension ø 370 x 415 (mm) / ø 14.6 x 16.3 (inch) Effective chamber height including recess in lid : 463 mm (18.2 inch)
Chamber Material SUS 304 (Austenitic stainless steel)
The Lid -
Sterilization Temperature 115 °C to 135 °C
Culture Medium Melting Temperature 60 °C to 114 °C
Keep Warm Temperature 45 °C to 60 °C
Temperature Display Digital display
Pressure Gauge -
Max. Pressure 0.240 MPa [34.8 psi]
Safety Valve Release Pressure -
Sterilization Timer 1 minute to 300 minutes
Keep Warm Timer 72 hrs. fixed
Program Timer 1 week (Designation: Year, month, day, hour and minute)
Time Sterilization -
Time Heat Insulation -
Casters 4
Water Injection -
Water Drainage -
Exhaust Tank 2 -liter polyethylene tank
Safety Device Pressure safety valve, over-temperature limiter, anti-scorch limiter, door interlock, over-pressure limiter, current fuse
Power Consumption 1.9 kW (120 V only), 2 kW
Net Weight 61 kg (134 lbs.)
Accessories Stainless steel baskets – Large: 1, small: 1 Drain hose: 1, Exhaust tank: 1, tank mounting bracket: 1 and tip-resistant metals: 2
Effective chamber height including recess in lid 463 mm (18.2 inch)
Exhaust Control Exhaust valve open temperature setting
  • •Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • *1 Exterior dimensions of main cabinet only - see dimension drawings showing handles and other external projections.


MLS-3751/3751L Price Upon Inquiry. Please contact your local dealers.


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