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Safe and Secure Extra-Large Capacity Ultra-Low Freezer with Dual Cooling System

Secure storage with new dual cooling system

The Dual Cooling System is newly designed to securely store valuable biological samples. It consists of two individual compressors to provide a reliable -86˚C ultra-low temperature environment. Should unexpected failure occur in one cooling circuit, the other will maintain at least -65˚C.

*Any unexpected failure on either of the single compressor will be alerted.
*The data is a measured example (AT23˚C, 230V/ 50Hz, no load.) Actual power consumption will vary depending on set and ambient conditions loading and local voltage.

Intelligent ECO mode operation

“ECO mode” is an industry first feature. The two compressors, A and B, are independently controlled to optimise operation efficiently to minimise energy consumption by monitoring freezer load status.

*Ambient temperature at 30˚C (-80˚C) *ECO mode’s wave doesn’t settle into pattern. It draws various pattern depends on SV, AT, and usage condition. *The data is a measured example (AT23˚C, 230V/ 50Hz, no load.) Actual power consumption will vary depending on set and ambient conditions loading and local voltage.
Graphic control panel

Central LCD display control panel enhances operability and visibility. Data log function retains operation data for a preset period and the data can be directly transmitted to a PC via MTR-480-PW interface.
*A software must be installed on PC to receive the log data transmission.

The microprocessor has a memory back-up so after a power failure, operation resumes at pre-outage settings. The self diagnostics function will display an error code in the case of abnormality

Data management by logging function

High efficiency insulation using V.I.P. technology
MDF-U500VX is equipped with a 6 times stronger thermal resistance VIP PLUS while keeping the same wall thickness but with more rigid foam polyurethane.
User-friendly design

Various alarms including high/low temperatures, door ajar, power failure alarm and part replacement notification help to keep samples safe even in an emergency.

Installation space
The VIP panel reduced the cabinet wall thickness from 140mm to 70mm and achieved nearly 30% more storage capacity than conventionally insulated freezers, all without increasing its footprint.
Improved air seal heat resistance structure

To allow the eco mode, and to reduce the frosting, the chamber has a well sealed structure.

Status Alert

Unconventional operation can cause malfunctions. Function control monitor notifies the unconventional operation to prevent the problems and helps the safe operation.
It always monitors the operation, and the flash lamp notifies the drops in the voltage, an abnormality of the temperature rise when the ambient temp is over 35˚C, lower than approximately 0˚C,and overload operation. It also notifies the time of battery replacement, and the door status.
The status of these alarms and indicators will be shown on the control panel.

Vacuum release port

The vacuum release port allows smooth door openings. The door seal is tightened by a negative pressure generated from the temperature difference between inside the chamber and the ambient environment.

*If the port is kept open, the air intake hole get frozen and clogged, and will not allow the door to open smoothly. We recommend to keep it closed unless it is neccessory.
Door latch

The outer door latch closes smoothly with a single-hand action over a cam action bearing. The outer door can be secured with an independent padlock provided by customer.

Maintenance-free filterless design

Filterless Construction eliminates bothersome filter cleaning.

  • Dual cooling system
  • Intelligent ECO mode operation
  • Maximised capacity with VIP PLUS Technology
  • Maintenance-free Filterless design

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External Dimensions 1010 x 870 x 2010 (mm) / 39.8 x 34.3 x 79.1 (inch)
Internal Dimensions 870 x 600 x 1400 (mm) / 34.3 x 23.6 x 55.1 (inch)
Effective Capacity 728 liters (25.7 cu.ft.)
Exterior Cabinet Painted steel
Internal Cabinet Painted steel
Doors Painted steel
Shelves 3 pcs, stainless steel tray
Access Ports 17 mm diameter, 3 locations (back, bottom left / right corner)
Net Weight Approx. 375 kg (827 lbs.)
Compressor 2 compressors, hermetic 1100 W
Evaporator Tube on sheet type
Condenser Finless tube type
Refrigerant HFC
Temperature Control Range – 50 °C to – 86 °C (in 1 °C increments)
Temperature Display Digital Display
Alarms High / low temperature, Door ajar, Power failure, Remote alarm contact(Allowable contact capacity: DC 30 V, 2 A), Part replacement notification, Fan lock alarm, Refrigeration circuit abnormal alarm
Accessories 1 scraper, Vacuum release port cleaning gear, 1 set of keys
  • *Cooling performance is indicated by the temperature reached at the center of the freezer (at ambient temperature of 30°C with no load). In order to use the freezer at a stable temperature for a long time, it is recommended that the temperature be set to at least 5°C higher than the indicated lowest temperature. In addition, depending on the usage conditions, it may not be possible to reach the indicated lowest temperature. Caution: Panasonic guarantees the product under certain warranty conditions. Panasonic in no way shall be responsible for any loss of content or damage to content.
  • •Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • *1 Exterior dimensions of main cabinet only - see dimension drawings showing handles and other external projections.


MDF-U700VX Price Upon Inquiry. Please contact your local dealers.


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