Effective capacity
Cooling Performance


Ideally Suited for Cryogenic and Long-Term Storage in Laboratories

Ideal replacement for LN2 storage

Compared to liquid nitrogen systems,Panasonic MDF-C2156VAN offers the following advantages:

  • No Sample contamination
  • ower running cost
  • Easy maintenance
Steady chamber temperature

The feature of the chest type is the low cold air leakage on door openings, and can keep a steady chamber temperature. Long frozen cell line, DNA, blood, and bone marrow, by high credibility, and precise temperature control.

Evolutionary design
  • Panasonic V.I.P. PLUS Evolution Series -150˚C ultra-low temperature freezers use patented revolutionary vacuum insulation cabinet construction that reduces the wall thickness from 175mm to 135mm (6.9” to 5.3”) and achieves up to 25% more storage capacity than a conventionally insulated freezer without increasing the footprint.(compared with MDF-1156)
  • The newly developed refrigeration system and the freezer structure offer a quiet experimental environment.
  • Achieves 50% higher energy conser-vation than previous model. (For model rated 220V, 50Hz)
Cryogenic preservation - 150˚C/-152˚C

An important factor to consider when preserving cells or tissue at ultra-low temperatures is to prevent amorphous ice crystals from recrystallizing within and outside the cells. Cryoprotectant freezes the cell at a constant temperature; it can vitrificate micro ice crystals by stopping their growth. The re-crystallization point of pure water is -130˚C. It has been confirmed in a recent study that the re-crystallization point of a mixture of DMSO and other cryoprotectants is -115˚C. With its below re-crystallization point temperature, the -150/-152 degrees Ultra-low temperature freezers enable long-tem preservations of samples easier and more stable than ever before.


In contrast to the conventional liquid nitrogen preservation, freezer preservation has numerous advantages: no sample contamination due to mycoplasma, no sudden liquid eruptions, as well as low operational cost. The preservation temperature of vaporized liquid nitrogen is between -130˚C and -150˚C while the Ultra low temperature freezers enable amuch lower temperature of -150/-152˚C.

Innovative control panel

Graphic LCD panel with pop-up menu function on control panel provides more visual display and allows intuitive operation.

Manage variety of functions
  • Temperature log
  • Fan motor / battery status
  • Door Status
  • Pass word key lock
  • Equipped with LN2 backup system as standard to prepare for any contingency.
  • Status alert monitors ambient and system conditions continuously and notifies of any abnormalities before a problem happens.
  • It always monitors the operation, and the flash lamp notifies the drops in the voltage, an abnormality of the temperature rise when the ambient temp is over 35˚C, lower than approximately 0˚C,and overload operation. It also notifies the time of battery replacement, and the door status. The status of these alarms and indicators will be shown on the control panel.
  • -150˚C (Ambient temperature 30˚C) with large capacity of 231 L
  • VIP PLUS vacuum insulation cabinet construction
  • Graphic LCD panel provide more visual display and allows intuitive operation

Product Photos


External Dimensions 1730 x 765 x 1010 (mm) / 68.1 x 30.1 x 39.8 (inch)
Internal Dimensions 760 x 495 x 615 (mm) / 29.9 x 19.5 x 24.2 (inch)
Effective Capacity 231 liters (8.2 cu.ft.)
Access Ports 40 mm diameter, 1 location
Net Weight Approx. 318 kg (701 lbs.)
Compressor Hermetic type, Output: 1100 W (high stage side), 1100 W (low stage side)
Refrigerant HFC
Temperature Control Range - 125 °C to - 150 °C (in 1 °C increments)
Alarms High / Low temperature, Power failure, Filter check, Self diagnosis, Door check, Part replacement notification, Remote alarm contact (Allowable contact capacity, DC 30 V, 2 A)
Accessories 1 set of keys, 1 scraper, Connecting tube for LN2 backup system
External Dimensions 1730 x 765 x 1010 (mm) / 68.1 x 30.1 x 39.8 (inch)


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