Pharmaceutical Refrigerators


Effective capacity
Refrigerator 340L / Freezer 82L
Temperature range
Refrigerator 2℃ to 14℃ / Freezer -20℃ to -30℃


An attractive wide range of temperature settings perfect for clinical, pharmaceutical and industrial uses.

Dual temperature zone in one unit: 2℃〜14℃ refrigerator and −30℃ freezer. The interior is spacious enough to accommodate large volumes of various purposes.

A modular width of 900mm

The MPR‐715F offers a storage capacity of 700L.

Simple design, easy to use and manage

Microprocessor control system provides accurate temperature. The height of the top shelf is adjustable, and the glass windows allow you to monitor the content.

The cycle defrost system keeps the frost to a minimum.

The cycle defrost and evaporator temperature sensor system solve the unavoidable frost problem by automatically performing the defrost cycle without having to turn‐off the power, which keeps the temperature rise to a minimum during the process. The defrost heater will turn‐on when the ambient temperature drops below the freezing temperature to prevent the content from freezing.

Temperature controls and sensors unaffected by the ambient temperature.

The temperature range of the refrigerator section is 2℃~14℃, and the freezer section is ‐ 15℃~‐35℃. Both are monitored via thermistor sensor and maintained via microprocessor temperature control. Each section has its own cooling circuit, which matches that of an individual unit.

  • This unit utilizes the direct cooling system with the purpose of freeze preservation, therefore not suited for the use of refrigerant gel. A specialized fan freezer is recommended.
  • the ambient humidity is high.  The frost will be removed via automatic defrost system. The chamber temperature will rise during this process


  • LED interior light automatically turns on/off in conjunction with the door opening/closing, which can also be controlled from the control panel.
  • Residue after defrost cycle will be released from the hose attached behind.

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Model MPR-715F
External Dimensions 900 x 715 x 1910 (mm)
Internal Dimensions 810 x 615 x 1894 [Ref] / 770 x 552 x 422 [Frz]
Effective Capacity 415 [Ref] / 176 [Frz]
Net weight 170 kg
Freezer:CoolingPerformance + 2 ℃ / - 30 ℃
Temperature range + 2 ℃ to 14 ℃ [Ref] / - 35 ℃ to - 15 ℃ [Frz]
Temperature control + 2 ℃ to 14 ℃ [Ref] / - 30 ℃ to - 20 ℃ [Frz]
Temperature display LED
Cooling method Fan-forced air circulation [Red] / Direct cooling [Frz]
Defrosting Cyclical defrost [Ref] / Manual [Frz]
Refrigerant HFC
Insulation PUF
Outer Door 4, glass window [2]
Outer door lock 2
Shelves 3 [Ref] / 2 [Frz]
Access port 2
Casters 4
Power failure alarm V-B-R(V = Visual Alarm, B = Buzzer Alarm, R = Remote Alarm)
High temp. alarm V-B-R
Low temp. alarm V-B-R
Door ajar V-B
  • 1) Exterior dimensions of main cabinet only, excluding handle and other external projections.
  • 2) Air temperature measured at refrigerator / freezer centre, ambient temperature +30˚C, no load.
  • 3) with PMR-48B1 installed.
  • 4) Nominal value - Background noise 20dB[A].
  • 5) Only for MTR-5000 (data acquisition system) users.
  • Caution: Panasonic guarantees the product under certain warranty conditions.
    Panasonic in no way shall be responsible for any loss of content or damage to content.


MPR-715F Price Upon Inquiry. Please contact your local dealers.


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