Pharmaceutical Refrigerators


Effective capacity
Temperature range
2℃ to 14℃


Uniform Storage Unaffected by Ambient Temperature

Microprocessor controlled

An electronic sensor accurately monitors chamber temperature and feeds the information to the microprocessor for precise control at preset temperature. Fans ensure gentle air circulation to provide uniform top to bottom temperature control after frequent door openings. Panasonic’s easily calibrated, reliable and stable controls make validation easier.

Remarkable cooling efficiency

A highly efficient hermetic compressor, specially designed and developed by Panasonic, is utilized to provide powerful and rapid cooling to maintain proper temperature level.


Panasonic’s plenum design features uniform cold air flow distribution throughout the chamber to ensure temperature uniformity— essential for validated storage requirements.

Ergonomic design

The ergonomic design of the MPR series refrigerators provides a clear view of stored items through the large framed windows. The slim profile allows for easy-reach retrieval of your products. Users can choose from two types to suit their needs; one with all wire shelves or one with sliding racks on one side.

Double-sensor temperature management

The double-sensor control system with alarm-exclusive sensor added to the temperature control sensor always monitors the precise chamber temperature.

Safety is a Panasonic standard
Even the best designed refrigerator must be prepared for the unexpected.
  • Cabinet construction
  • View Window design with protective film to prevent shattered glass from scattering onto the floor. Also features key locked doors.
  • Control safety devices
  • Audible and flashing LED visual alarms alert you to the unlikely event of either a high or low temperature condition. An over-shooting prevention circuit automatically switches off the fan motor or heater, if the inside temperature rises abnormally.
  • Comprehensive alarms
  • In addition to Low/High temperature alarms and door ajar alarm, power failure alarm can be installed as an option. Remote alarm terminal is also provided as standard.
    Control Panel
    Worry-free cycle defrosting system

    With Panasonic’s cycle defrost system, defrosting is performed automatically during compressor “off” cycles, and by sensing frost levels. This way defrosting is performed only when required, further protecting the contents against unnecessary temperature rise. The defrosting heater also acts as an emergency heat source to prevent samples from freezing.

    HFC refrigerant & HCFC-free insulation

    Panasonic biomedical equipment is designed for low environmental impact. The MPR-514 and 1014 series use HFC refrigerant and the foamed-in-place insulation is HCFC free.
    Data Acquisition System (optional) The Data acquisition system enables remote monitoring of pharmaceutical refrigerators.

    Standard Type with Large Cabinet

    • Stable, uniform and controlled cabinet temperature is unaffected by ambient temperature
    • Cycle defrost with heater allows defrosting without rise in cabinet temperature

    Product Photos


    Product Series Name Pharmaceutical Refrigerators
    Model MPR−514
    External Dimensions 900 x 600 x 1790 (mm) / 35.4 x 23.6 x 70.5 (inch)
    Internal Dimensions 800 x 465 x 1300 (mm) / 31.5 x 18.3 x 51.2 (inch)
    Effective Capacity 489 liters (17.3 cu.ft.)
    External Cabinet Galvanized steel with baked on finish
    Internal Cabinet Stainless steel
    Outer Door 2 sliding doors, Double layer glass with heat reflection film
    Insulation Rigid polyurethane foamed-in-place (HCFC free)
    Shelves & sliding racks 5 polyester-coated wire shelves Load: 50 kg per shelf,
    Outer door lock 1
    Cooling method Forced cool air circulation
    Compressor Hermetic type, output: 200 W
    Evaporator Fin and tube For cooling: output 3 W x 1
    Condenser Wire and tube, Tube on sheet
    Refrigerant HFC
    Defrosting Forced type, fully automatic
    Defrost Heater 73.8 W x 2
    Net weight 141 kg (300 lbs)


    MPR−514 Price Upon Inquiry. Please contact your local dealers.


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