Blood Bank Refrigerators


Effective capacity
4℃ ±1.5℃


Specially Designed to Provide Precise and Reliable Temperature Control that Meets Various Criteria for Whole Blood and Blood Berivatives.

The Panasonic MBR Series provides two styles of storage systems: G-type (coated hard steel wire shelf) and GR-type (stainless steel roll-out drawers with card holder).
Designed to conform to AABB criteria, the series ensures stable and reliable temperature control utilizing Panasonic original technology. A special highly efficient compressor designed and developed by Panasonic provides rapid cooling and quiet performance for each model.

Stable temperature control
  • Temperature is controlled by two sensors located in the liquid-loaded monitor bottles, which are in the shape of a blood bag.
  • Two thermistor sensors constantly monitor the temperature in both the upper and the lower part of chamber.
  • Microprocessor control ensures the most accurate temperature control available.
  • Multi air-flow plenum system ensures excellent temperature uniformity in larger capacity models. (MBR-704GR, MBR-1405G/GR)
  • Temperature-maintained defrost designed with thermal sensors and heaters on the evaporator, all under precise microprocessor control.
Temperature variations prevented

The Panasonic MBR Series is designed to minimize cold air loss even with frequent door openings.

  • Separated transparent inner doors minimize the chamber air leakage during door openings.
  • Foamed-in-place insulation in the walls and magnetic sealed outer doors with double-pane glass window prevent chamber air leakage and promote complete door closings.
  • Large air circulation fan enables rapid temperature recovery after door open- ings. (Double fan for MBR-1405G/GR.)
User-friendly design
  • Selectable storage system (G-type and GR-type) to suit user’s needs.
  • Fluorescent interior lamp with ON/OFF switch and a large view window in the outer door provide a clear view of stored items.
  • Digital display is easy to see, and is calibratable through the control panel.
  • Filterless construction eliminates bothersome filter cleaning. (MBR-305GR)

Easy-access front control panel
(MBR-305GR, 1405G/GR)

Alarm and safety functions

To ensure the safety of precious blood supply, the Panasonic MBR Series provides the following safety functions:

  • Audible and flashing LED visual alarms with remote alarm contacts, in case of power failure, high or low temperature condition, or any thermal sensor abnormality.
  • Door alarm and key lock are standard features.
  • Re-activating buzzer, lamp and remote alarm contact. (30 min. after buzzer stops)
  • Built-in temperature recorder.
Environmentally friendly

Panasonic refrigerators feature commercially available HCFC-free, HFC refrigerants and HCFC-free insulation.

  • Designed to meet AABB criteria
  • Precise temperature control
  • Alarm and safety functions

Product Photos


Model MBR-305GR
External Dimensions 600 x 680 x 1835 (mm) / 23.6 x 26.8 x 72.2 (inch)
Internal Dimensions 520 x 490 x 1150 (mm) / 20.5 x 19.3 x 45.3 (inch)
Effective Capacity 302 liters [10.7 cu.ft.]
External Cabinet Galvanized steel with baked-on finish
Internal Cabinet Galvanized steel with baked-on finish
Outer Doors Insulated steel frame with double-layer glass windows
Shelves / Drawers 5 coated hard steel wire shelves
Access Port 1
Compressor 150 W hermetically sealed
Refrigerant HFC
Defrosting Fully automatic
Temperature Control Range Microprocessor control
(JP Only) Audible and visual alarm
(JP Only) DC 30 V, 2 A, Temperature alarm or power failure alarm
(JP Only) Audible and visual alarm (24 hours), Automatic rechargeable battery (Ni-MH)
Lighting 15 W fluorescent lamp
Net Weight 147 kg
Caution: Panasonic guarantees the product under certain warranty conditions.
Panasonic in no way shall be responsible for any loss of content or damage to content.
• Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.
*1 Exterior dimensions of main cabinet only - see dimension drawings showing handles and other external projections.


MBR-305GR Price Upon Inquiry. Please contact your local dealers.


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