Effective capacity
Temperature range
-20℃ to -30℃


Power to Cope with Frequent Door Openings

Enhanced operation
  • Front-mounted display/control panel (with microprocessor) located at convenient waist height
  • Memory backup
  • Temperature display
  • Front access calibration for temperature recorder
  • The control panel, alarm system and non-volatile memory are the same for all models in the series.
  • Single electrical box makes servicing simpler.
  • The chamber temperature is displayed for five seconds if BUZZER key is depressed during power failure alarm.
  • After a power outage, operation resumes at pre-outage settings. (Non-volatile memory for temperature and alarm temperature settings)
  • Control panel can be reset to zero for validation.
  • Two access ports (right-hand side and bottom left) (chest type)
  • Four casters and two adjustable feet
Photo is MDF-U537D
Recording features (optional)

Recorder can be fitted in convenient position that will not interfere with installation. Choice of optional recorders

  • 7-day circular recorder (MTR-G85C-PE) and 32-day strip recorder (MTR-4015LH-PE) are available. (Except MDF-U443)
  • Temperature recorder with auto recharging battery
  • Front access calibration for temperature recorder
  • HFC refrigerant (non-CFC, non-HCFC refrigerant) is environment-friendly but offers superb performance.)
  • Pre-coated metal body causes less environmental damage than conventional paint coating.
Safety features
  • Alarm & Recording System
  • High/low temperature alarm
  • Power failure alarm
  • Remote alarm contact
  • Self-diagnostics function. Should an abnormality be picked up, an error code will be displayed in red figures
  • Breaker switch turns power off in event of over current abnormality
  • Balance hinges keep the lid open in any position to make this chest freezer easier to use. This means you have both hands free to work. (chest type)
  • Secure lock safeguards the contents of the freezer and keeps hazardous items out of harm’s way
  • Door latch can accommodate a pad lock for added protection of valuable samples (upright type)
  • Part replacement notification (MDF-U5312)
Newly designed lid lock(chest type, except MDF-436).
Temperature monitoring features (optional)

Data Acquisition System enables remote monitoring of Panasonic biomedical freezers.

Data Acquisition Software MTR-5000-PW
Interface board MTR-L03-PW

Versatile Mid-Size Model

  • Power to cope with frequent door openings
  • Balance hinge
  • Temperature alarm
  • Power failure alarm

Product Photos


Model MDF-237
External Dimensions 905 x 687 x 881 (mm) / 35.6 x 27.0 x 34.7 (inch)
Internal Dimensions 790 x 440 x 715 (mm) / 31.1 x 17.3 x 28.1 (inch)
Effective Capacity 221 liters (7.8 cu. ft.)
External Cabinet Painted steel
Internal Cabinet Colored aluminum plate
Door Painted steel
Insulation Rigid polyurethane foamed-in place
Access Ports 17 mm diameter, right-hand side and bottom left
Casters 4
Net Weight 60 kg
Coolding Method Direct cooling
Compressor Hermetic, 200 W
Refrigerant HFC
Alarms High / low temperature alarm (SV ± 5 °C to ± 15 °C adjustable), Power failure,Remote alarm contact
Accessories 1 set of key, 1 scraper
Calibration Zero adjustment via control panel


MDF-237 Price Upon Inquiry. Please contact your local dealers.


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