O2/CO2 Incubators, Multi-Gas Incubators


Effective capacity
49L +5℃
Temperature range
above ambient to 50℃


Preventive Contamination Control & Decontamination System

Contamination is the worst enemy of cell culture. Panasonic's solution to the problem is Preventive Contamination Control powered by Exclusive inCu saFe copper-alloyed stainless steel interior and patented SafeCell UV sterilization system that significantly reduce the risk of contamination while cell culture protocols are in process.

inCu saFe

inCu saFe copper-enriched stainless steel is Panasonic proprietary solution against contamination that combines the bacteria-killing property of copper with the corrosion resistance of stainless steel.

Copper-enriched stainless steel kills mycoplasma

Panasonic is proud to announce that InCu saFe, the copper-enriched stainless steel used in the interior of its CO2 and O2/CO2 incubators, kills mycoplasma. Mycoplasma is one of the most common causes of contamination found in cell culture and the source can often be traced back to contaminated laboratory apparatus. The inCu saFe walls and shelves inside Panasonic CO2 and O2/CO2 incubators eliminate mycoplasma and significantly reduce the risk of contamination without emptying the incubator.

SafeCell UV

SafeCell UV system with programmable ultraviolet lamp, isolated from cell cultures, sterilizes chamber air and water in the humidifying pan to maintain contamination-free conditions within the chamber.

Completely safe for cell culture
  • Ozone-free UV lamp
  • UV shielded from culture area by the tray cover of humidifying pan.
  • UV shielding by laboratory dishes and flaskets

(Laboratory dishes and flaskets are made of polystyrol with thickness of 50 mm, shielding UV 100%. (Photos below show the lid of the laboratory dish shielding UV without preventing proliferation of culture.)

Improved temperature stability with D.H.A. system (except MCO-175/80IC)

The patented Direct Heat and Air Jacket™ conditioning system precisely regulates temperature through three independent heating zones under microprocessor PID control. Uniform temperatures are further enhanced by gentle fan circulation.

Easy Maintenance

Auto calibration (MCO-18AC/20AIC)

The microprocessor will automatically “Zero” the incubator using room air as a reference. This feature will maintain an accurate CO2 control without worrying about CO2 drift. (Dual IR sensor system used in MCO-19AIC/19M requires no zero calibration.)

Automatic setup

By turning on the power and simply entering the temperature and CO2 setpoints into the unit you can walk away while the microprocessor takes over. The unit will attain setpoint and adjust itself to your required parameters.

Rounded corners

The interior chamber is constructed of Copper Alloy stainless steel with rounded corners. All plenums, shelves, brackets and standard humidity pan are removable without the use of tools. These design features provide an interior that is easily cleaned to reduce chances of contamination.

For Superior Usability

Field-reversible door

The reversible door allows right or left opening depending on the installation space and how other peripheral equipment are positioned. Each corner of the door has a special grip for easier opening.

Shelves provide easier access to culture containers

Much more convenience has been obtained by slanting downward the bending direction of the front of the shelves. As a result, putting in and taking out culture containers like dishes and micro plates have become extremely easy.

Automatic CO2 cylinder switchover system (option)

This system automatically switches from the primary to secondary gas cylinder when a CO2 gas level drop in the chamber is detected. The in-use gas cylinder is confirmed on the control panel.

Inner door and gasket

The inner design is critical to successful contamination control technique. The inner gasket body forms an effective thermal transition between the ambient air and warm, humidified incubator atmosphere, minimizing condensation and eliminating moisture traps which can harbor contaminants.

Stackable design takes up less space

By simply using the fixing metal supplied as a standard accessory, two*1 or three*2 units can be stacked according to available space and usage. This configuration is also cost-effective.
*1 MCO-5AC/18AC/19AIC/20AIC/175/5M/19M
*2 MCO-5AC/5M

Personal Type Incubator

  • inCu saFe interior
  • SafeCell UV system (option)
  • Accurate temperature and gas control
  • Compact, triple stackable

Product Photos


Model MCO-5M
External Dimensions 480 x 548 x 575 (mm) / 18.9 x 21.6 x 22.6 (inch)
Internal Dimensions 350 x 378 x 375 (mm) / 13.8 x 14.9 x 14.8 (inch)
Effective Capacity 49 liters / 1.7 cu.ft.
Internal Cabinet Copper-enriched Stainless Steel
Shelves 310 x 310 x 12 (mm) / 12.2 x 12.2 x 0.5 (inch) Copper-enriched stainless steel Maximum load 4 kg / 8.8 lbs. per shelf Shelves 3 (Standard), 6 Max.
Access port 30 mm (1.2 ”) diameter
Insulation Rigid polyurethane foamed-in place
Temperature Control Range PID control/Thermistor sensor
CO2 Control Range PID control TC sensors (direct internal detection)
Air Filter 0.3 μm, Efficiency: 99.97 % (for CO2 / N 2 / O2)
Water Level Sensor Optical type
Alarm UV system kit (option) • High / low temperature • Independent overheat protection • CO2 level • O2 level • Door and UV lamp failure
Net Weight 50 kg / 110 lbs.
Temperature Range 5 °C above ambient temperature to + 50 °C (Ambient temperature: 5 °C to 35 °C)
Temperature Uniformity ± 0.25 °C *
Temperature Controllability ± 0.1 °C *
CO2 Range 0% to 20%
CO2 Controllability ± 0.15 % *
O2 Range 1 % to 18 %, 22 % to 80 %
O2 Controllability ± 0.2 % *
Humidity Natural evaporation with humidifying pan
Contamination Control Interior surface : Copper-enriched Stainless Steel UV lamp (ozone-free) : UV system kit (option)
Remote Alarm Contacts 30 V DC, 2 A allowable
Humidifying System Natural vaporization by water in humidity pan overbottom heater (with water level sensor)
Chamber Humidity 95 ± 5 % RH
Air Filter 0.3 μm, Efficiency: 99.97 % (for CO2 / N 2 / O2)
Airflow Fan assisted
Interior Humidity 95% ±5%R.H. at 37°C
Communication -
Leveling Feet 4, adjustable
Alarm System • High / low temperature • Independent overheat protection • CO2 level • O2 level • Door and UV lamp failure
Heating Method DHA system (heater jacket + air Jacket system)
  • * Conditions
    Ambient temperature: 25C, Temperature setting:37C, CO2 level setting: 5%, O2 level setting: 5%,no load Caution: For using the equipment at altitudes higher than 1,000m, the standard outer glass door must be replaced with a specific glass door. Please consult your Panasonic sales representative or agent for more information and to arrange airfreighting if required. Use of equipment in the chamber will require AC power from an external outlet. Panasonic guarantees the product under certain warranty conditions. Panasonic in no way shall be responsible for any loss of content or damage to content.
  • • Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.
    *1 Exterior dimensions of main cabinet only - see dimension drawings showing handles and other external projections.


MCO-5M Price Upon Inquiry. Please contact your local dealers.


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