CO2 Incubators


Effective capacity
Temperature range
+5℃ above ambient to 50℃

*Optional MCO-170HB/MCO170EL installation required.


Integrated Tray Catches minimize cleaning time while LCD Panel enhances operation

LCD TouchPanel Controller

A WVGA color LCD touchpanel delivers full controlover different protocols. Standard USB port provids convenient log data transfer

*IData log period is 1.5 months using 2-minute intervals.
*Password protected USB memories cannot be used.
*Multiple detailed activity logs exported to indivisual CSV files.

Automatic door locking (electric lock) can be set on the MCO-170AICUVH (standard equipped) and other models equipped with the optional electric lock (MCO-170EL).

Control Panel with single‒user Key Lock (MCO-170AIC/MCO-230AIC), Addition of user ID function for better traceablilty (able to register up to 99 user-IDs and passwords)(MCO-230AIC)

The Auto-Lock set up screen
Password input window
Key Lock set up screen
Single-user with Key Lock

Tray catches are integral parts of the chamber, opening up more space for trays, allowing the incubator to accommodate more culture containers.

Comparison with MCO-20AIC
Integrated Tray catches(Comparison with MCO-19AIC)

Rapid, Effective and Safe An industry-first. Panasonic’s Cycle

unique high-speed system utilizing vaporized H2O2 offers time-saving and documented chamber decontamination with complete safety.

* Attaching the optional MCO-170HB and MCO-170EL to MCO-230AICUV will add the H2O2 decontamination function.

  • Full decontamination process takes less than three hours, saving valuable time. For example, if the decontamination cycle is started at 9 am, the unit will be ready for use in the afternoon.
Current Traditional
SafeCell UV Decontamination
  • SafeCell UV includes a programmable ultraviolet lamp, isolated from cell cultures, that decontaminates conditioned air and humidity reservoir water to prevent contamination without affecting cell cultures in vitro.
  • Contaminants trapped within the humidifying pan at the base of the plenum are destroyed by high intensity, ozone-free ultraviolet light.
  • Decontaminated, humidified air is released from the lower plenum for vertical convection through and around the perforated shelves. Interior air motion is suspended when the door is opened, minimizing movement of room air contaminants into the chamber. The unique air duct system also improves temperature recovery characteristics.
Airflow and water pan decontamination using a UV system

Product Photos


Model MCO-230AICUV
External Dimensions 770 x 730 x 905 (mm) / 24.4 x 28.0 x 35.4 (inch)
Interior Dimensions 643 x 523 x 700 (mm) /25.3 x 20.6 x 27.6 (inch)
Interior Volume 230 liters (8.1 cu.Ft.)
Data Acquisition Automatic log function of temperature, CO2, Door opening/closing, Alarm and CSV file output
Exterior Cabinet and Door Galvanized steel with baked-on finish
Interior and Shelves Copper-enriched stainless steel
Outer Door Galvanized steel with baked-on finishReversible heated
Inner Door Tempered glass
Shelves Copper-enriched stainless steel 4 supplies as standard (Maximum 10), Exterior dimensions: 620 (W) x 450 (D) x 12 (H) mm, maximum load 7kg/shelf, Adjustable
Access Port Diameter 30mm port with non-VOC silicone stoppers (1 on back side)
Insulation Extruded polystyrene foam
Heating Method -
Air Flow Gentle vertical airflow, continuous with inner door closed
Air Filter 0.3μm, Effeciency:99.97% or higher (for CO2)
UV Lamp -
Water Level Sensor -
Communication Remote alarm contacts standard. Optional 4-20mA connection. Optional with RS-232C/ RS-485/LAN data ports
CO2 Gas Connection 4mm to 6mm inner diameter tubing
CO2 Gas Pressure 0.03 MPa (G) (0.3Kgf/cm2G, 4.3psiG) from two stage CO2 regulator
Net Weight 90kg (176 lbs)
Tempearture Control Range +5°C above ambient to 50 °C*1 (Ambient temperature: 5°C-35°C)
Tempearture Uniformity ±0.25°C (23°C ambient, setting: 37°C, CO2: 5%, no load)*2
CO2 Control Range and Deviation 0% to 20%,±0.15% (23°C ambient, setting 37°C, 5% CO2, no load)
Interior Humidity 95% ±5%R.H. at 37°C by natural evaporation with humidifying pan
Max. Power Consumption Max. 440W
Max. Heat Discharge 1,250kJ/h
CO2 Sensor Platform Ceramic based, single beam infrared sensor, with dual wavelength measurement for continuous auto-zero calibration
CO2 Sampling Patent Pending No moving parts; airflow passess over in/out ports to sustain continuous sampling
Leveling Feet 4
CO2 Calibration -
  • *1 When ambient temperature is 25°C, temperature control range: 30°C∼50°C. Regardless of ambient temperature, the maximum of temperature control range is always 50°C.
  • *2 The measurement condition complies with Panasonic specified measuring method.
  • *3 Exterior dimensions of main cabinet only. See dimension drawings showing handles and other external projections.


MCO-230AICUV Price Upon Inquiry. Please contact your local dealers.


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