NANOZR milling blank


NANOZR milling blank

NANOZR is a pre-sintered disk for dental CAD/CAM system developed by exploiting nanotechnology and has been backed by clinical research over 10 years.
NANOZR is a promising ceramics suitable for dental restorations required high structural strength because of its higher durability.

Ball drop impact test

Steel balls of 6, 14, 25 and 32 g were dropped from the 600 mm height onto the three kinds of 1 mm thick disks made of alumina, yttria-stabilized zirconia (Y-TZP) and NANOZR.
Alumina was easily broken at 6 g, whereas Y-TZP broke at 25 g. In contrast, NANOZR endured a weight of 32 g.

  • High fracture toughness in comparison with conventional zirconia
  • High bending strength
  • Resistance to Low Temperature Aging Degradation (LTAD)
  • High Weibull modulus (Indicates very homogeneous matrial)
  • Biocompatibility


Unique material properties offers safety

NANOZR is an intragranular type nanocomposite consisting zirconia matrix and alumina dispersions, which is reinforced with nano crystals. The physical properties of NANOZR are unique. NANOZR has a flexible property than that of conventional dental ceramics.
In addition, extremely high fracture toughness offers the best safety and reliability.
Furthermore, NANOZR has high resistant under hydrothermal conditions. Thus, NANOZR is applicable for various kinds of dental restorations.

Characteristics of NANOZR


NANOZR is a composite of Ceria stabilized Zirconia and Alumina. An intragranular nanostructure is obtained during sintering.

Physical properties

NANOZR is a unique material that combines much higher toughness and higher strength as compared to those of conventional zirconia. Crack length induced by Vickers indentation of NANOZR is quite shorter than that of other conventional ceramics.

Microstructure of NANOZR

NANOZR has a very high resistance to low temperature aging degradation (LTAD) under hydrothermal conditions.

Chemical solubility

NANOZR indicates no solubility in the oral environment.


NANOZR does not produce metallic allergy and has biological safety.

Optical micrograph around vickers indentation ( Load : 490N )

Approach to structural strength analysis

As NANOZR possesses exclusive unique physical properties, it can apply various regions, such as thinner parts and/or complex shape which are required much higher strength. Panasonic proposes optimum shape design for newly intended application by taking advantage of our analysis and design technologies.

Case introduction by the customer

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